Why Your Business Needs Google Business

How many times have you googled a local service and come across incomplete business hours, bad phone numbers, or inactive websites? As a customer, it’s a frustrating first-encounter when you’re ready to buy. As a business owner, it’s probably not on the top of your mind.

In Wilmington, NC it is common for local businesses to frequently change hours for family vacations, holidays, or update their website without considering the impact it has on new clients who are searching for their services. Google Business is not only free, but it’s your first impression to new clients who are looking in your market. We’re going to make it simple with a few quick suggestions from our own Google Business Page.

Sawgrass Marketing Google Business

Provide an Easy Way to Learn More


Your website is the most critical piece of your Google Business Profile. This step allows your business to capture more information about what your visitors are searching for on Google and gives your site the option to convert an interested visitor into a customer. Without a web page, you’ve lost an interested buyer.

Phone Number

Yikes. See what we don’t have here? A phone number is a critical component to your Google Business. It allows visitors to directly communicate with your company without spending the extra time doing research. If your customers are traveling in their cars and looking for a restaurant to stop at, they are more likely to call than complete a reservation form online.

Physical Address

If your business is brick and mortar, providing an address allows Google users to simply tap “Directions” and boom, they are on their way to you.


If you’re a restaurant, your menu can essentially become your website. Guests are looking for cuisine specials, pricing, delivery options, and your location. All this information should be identifiable within 2-3 clicks or taps of a finger, if not, your customer is lost to the next Google Business on the list.


o   Do you find that parts of your web page just don’t articulate your business clearly? Or customers often have reoccurring questions? Google Business provides you with one place to answer all these questions without your visitors clicking off their page. The Questions and Answers section allows you to clear up any common questions immediately.

Update Your Business Hours

Holidays & Vacations

As an entrepreneur, it’s important to take time away to prevent burnout and realign your mind so that you can continue to bring creativity to the table. Holidays and vacations should not be sacrificed. But you should prepare before you punch the clock and catch that flight to Florida. Update your business hours and put an out of office message up so that you don’t create any disgruntled visitors while you’re soaking up that Vitamin D.

Encourage Experience Sharing

Ask for Recommendations

At first it may feel awkward to ask for recommendations, but honestly the only one who is thinking about the betterment of your business is yourself (and maybe your marketing consultant 😉). Don’t be ashamed to ask for your customers to share their honest opinion. Just be sure you show appreciation for the time they’ve given to talk-up your company.

Have Patrons Post Photos

Sharing an authentic experience by an unbiased buyer is the easiest way to win over new customers. Encourage your loyal patrons to post photos at your store, of their meals, and reward them for their recommendations. A positive online reputation can increase your sales exponentially.

Create your Google Business profile today and ensure the next time your business appears in the world’s top search engine, you’re able to connect with your next customer. Need a little help optimizing your SEO score? Chat with our team to see how we can help boost your website’s organic search traffic.