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Sawgrass Marketing, LLC was founded in 2017 with the mission of helping local businesses thrive within their community. We believe that businesses do best when they are able to connect and develop relationships with those around them. Our marketing strategy and tactics promise just that. 

How SM Came to Be

You could say that its existence was imagined back in 2011 when Courtney was traveling north on I-95 leaving her home state of Florida for Washington, DC. 

"When you pass through Jekyll Island, Savannah, and Charleston on 95 you're surrounded by vast marshlands filled with sawgrass and wildlife. It reminded me of the many weekend trips I’d take down Highway 98 in Florida through Panacea, St. Teresa, Carrabelle finally to arrive in Apalachicola. That view of the untouched, forgotten coast has always felt like home." 

So after spending five years in the nation’s capital managing marketing strategy and membership sales for two large non-profits netting over $36 million in annual revenue, Courtney knew it was time to bring her big city knowledge to help small business owners somewhere that felt more like home.

Courtney moved to Wilmington, NC in Spring 2017 to be with her fiance who is stationed in Jacksonville and opened Sawgrass Marketing shortly thereafter. Courtney still enjoys advising start-up companies in the DC area, but finds it most rewarding to help local businesses thrive in the coastal Carolinas.

Being an active-duty family, we proudly support other military spouse and veteran entrepreneurs with complimentary business consultations and affordable marketing services. Courtney also is a guest contributor to Daily Mom Military.

Experience & Certifications

Courtney and her team have over 30 years of combined experience in marketing strategy. Sawgrass Marketing specializes in brand development, website design in HubSpot, WordPress and Squarespace, social media management, and digital marketing campaigns and outreach.