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We believe a rising tide lifts all boats- that’s why Sawgrass Marketing provides you with complimentary resources to help your business stay in-tune with the latest marketing news.


2019 Marketing Trends Guide

Don’t waste another minute researching new marketing strategies. Dive into our 2019 Marketing Trends Guide to help set your company up for success this year.

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Facebook Ads 101

[eGuide] 5 Ways to Make Email Marketing A Success

Have you struggled with low open rates or click thru rates? Does it seem like sending emails is a lost cause or after-thought if your have extra time? Our 8-page e-guide will walk you through the basics of email marketing so your next campaign is set up for success.


Facebook Advertising 101

Do you feel like every time you “Boost” your content that you’re getting more impressions, but lackluster conversions? We’re dishing the basics of Facebook advertising so your next ad campaign targets your ideal audience and increases your ROI.

[Whitepaper] 5 Marketing Trends Takeaways

Don’t have time to read through our comprehensive guide above? Here’s the cliff-notes version. We understand you’re busy running a business and all.


2019 Social Media Benchmarking Chart

Dive into the data and hold yourself accountable in the new year. Our simple chart will allow you to benchmark your current social performance and set goals to increase brand awareness and consumer engagement in 2019.