Sawgrass Spotlight: Casa Blanca Coffee Roasters

photos captured by What Sydney Sees Photography

photos captured by What Sydney Sees Photography

Heading south on Market Street from Porter’s Neck towards downtown Wilmington you often find yourself tightly gripping the wheel and cursing under your breath as other drivers rush past you on their morning commute.  But if you take a right just past Bayshore Drive into Casa Blanca Coffee Roasters, you’ll find yourself in a caffeinated oasis with delectable dining treats.

Casa Blanca Coffee Roasters opened its doors in Wilmington, North Carolina in March 2019 and I don’t believe they’ve seen a slow day since. The simplistic Scandinavian style creates a bright and airy workspace for those looking to escape their home offices and provides those popping in for a morning cup of joe with a relaxing break from a chaotic commute. You’ll find locals collaborating over coffee during morning meetings and teenagers popping in for lunch in the afternoon during summer breaks. It seems as though everyone in the Ogden area retreats to Casa Blanca for business and pleasure.

As you enter Casa Blanca, you are immediately greeted with the smell of roasted coffee beans and the warming hum of fresh grounds being made. The staff are pleasantly informed of all menu items and don’t hesitate to provide recommendations of local favorites. We’ve sampled the yogurt, BLAT, scones and shortbread cookies and must say that there isn’t one item we haven’t thoroughly enjoyed. As for coffee, Casa Blanca has every option you can imagine, espressos, cold brews, lattes, and teas galore.

Take your iced coffee to the back patio, where they have picnic tables and lounge seating or indulge inside with your choice of a leather sofa, bistro style seating, or a communal worktable with natural sky lighting. Just be sure you plan an hour or two for your visit because you won’t want to leave.

We hope that one morning you choose to stray away from your daily Starbucks routine and stumble into this local gem. We know we’ve found our new favorite work hiding spot.