Preparing Your Home & Business for Hurricane Dorian

Image Courtesy of NOAA

Image Courtesy of NOAA

Almost a year after Hurricane Florence devastated our community, it seems as though history is repeating itself.  As Hurricane Dorian makes it’s painstakingly slow creep towards us, we must prepare as business owners and fellow community members to prepare for yet again another hurricane as it makes its way to our beloved coast.

According to the Washington Post, “Dorian is tied for the second-strongest storm (as judged by its maximum sustained winds) ever recorded in the Atlantic Ocean, behind Hurricane Allen of 1980, and, after striking the northern Bahamas, tied with the 1935 Labor Day Hurricane for the title of the strongest Atlantic hurricane at landfall.”  Now Hurricane Dorian is predicted to make landfall in eastern North Carolina on Friday.

Preparedness is Key.  That seems to be a common theme that is currently being circulated across all forms of communication.  So here are helpful tips and community resources to help us prepare your home and business for another hurricane.

House & Business Prep:

  • Empty your ice machine. This prevents melted ice from warping hardwood floors after a power outage. 

  • Bagging ice in ziplocks adds to your water supply if you’re out of power and it melts.

  • Fill your propane tanks for the grill if you’re out of power for an extensive period of time 

  • Protect your valuables. Keep important documents in water sealed containers. Consider placing valuable art, electronics, and other keepsakes in plastic bags in case of roof damage or leaks. We even bagged our TVs! 

  • Bring in potted plants, outdoor furniture, mats, and outdoor home decor into your garage. With strong winds these can become projectiles and damage your home or a neighbors. We also encourage those with trampolines to flip them upside-down and place a weighted object on top! 

  • Have an emergency kit packed and ready to go.

  • P&L Palms have offered free sand to those in the Hampstead community. Sandbag doorways to low-lying areas to help prevent flooding. 

  • Move any obstructions from ease way drains. 

  • Stay in rooms away from large trees and power lines.

  • Ensure your staff have an evacuation or emergency plan. Assist however you can to make sure that your staff are safe.  

Additional Community Resources

Wilmington Business Journal

The Business Journal’s marketing team put together a 2019 Hurricane Preparedness Guide to help businesses get ready for and recover from devastating weather events. With Hurricane Dorian headed our way, we wanted to make sure you’re aware of this resource to protect your business.  Click here for a flip book version of the 2019 Hurricane Preparedness Guide.  The Business Journal has taken down its paywall so everyone can see our coverage before and during the storm at

Port City Daily:

New Hanover County Emergency InformationBeginning Tuesday at 9 a.m., the public information hotline will be established to take calls from residents and visitors of New Hanover County. The hotline will be available 24 hours a day and can be reached at (910) 798-6800, with Spanish speakers available. Please use 911 only for true emergencies, and this hotline for all questions.  Preparation tips and sign-ups for email or text message updates can be found online here.

Brunswick County – The latest update on Brunswick County Emergency Services‘ preparations for Hurricane Dorian is now online here.

Pender County – Updates will be posted on the EOC’s Facebook page and on the county’s website. Those who need assistance are urged to call the EM office at (910) 259-1210. Pender County residents can also sign up for CodeRED available on the county website’s Emergency Notification System page.

We hope everyone is vigilant in their hurricane preparedness and above all else remain safe.  N.C. Gov. Roy Cooper stated in a press release. “I urge you to closely follow the forecast and listen to your local officials, If they order an evacuation please follow their instructions.”  For ways to help our community after the storm has come and gone be sure to give to reputable organizations.

Stay safe. 

Courtney Ross

Courtney Ross is a Florida-native, new mom-to-be, and owner of Sawgrass Marketing. Her career took her to Washington DC where she fell madly in love with a Marine and the rest is history.

Courtney consults local businesses to help optimize their marketing strategies including: website development, digital marketing campaigns, and social media advertising.