3 Ways Typography Can Elevate Your Brand

Did you know the fonts on your latest flyer, website, or restaurant’s menu affect the viewer’s perception of your company? It can even influence their decision to make a purchase. With the constant clutter of digital advertising and competing content, it’s never been more important to make your brand stand out. Elevate your brand with these three typography tips.

Increase perceived value with consistency

James Puckett, a New York-based designer, explained how typography can subconsciously influence your brand,

“I always tell people that the difference between good typography and [bad typography] is the difference between work that looks professional and work that looks like someone threw it together in MS Word. One reason Apple’s stores look so good is the careful and consistent application of [the typeface] Myriad. But Kmart’s careless mashup of Helvetica, Gill Sans, News Gothic and Gotham looks like, well, Kmart.”

If you don’t have a brand style guide already, review your content for consistency and decide how your brand should be perceived. Incorporate your mission, goals, and target audience into this decision. Then, select which fonts, colors, heading styles and effects you’ll incorporate into new content. If you own a tech company, having a clean, modern design relays to your client that you are cutting-edge and incorporate simplicity into your technology. Most design platforms like Adobe CC and Canva allow you to save these styles so they are easy to reference and use when creating new content.

Establish your company’s personality

Think of typography as the voice of your company when volume isn’t an option. Is your company classic and elegant, playful and whimsical, or thought-provoking and professional? These personalities are reflected in fonts you select to represent your brand. Perform a quick audit of your marketing materials to see if your brand personality aligns with your typography. Make a list of 10 adjectives which describe your company and compare each adjective to the fonts displayed. Start this comparison with your most valuable marketing collateral- like your website.

Convey messages clearly

Line height, letter spacing, font choice and styling all contribute to establishing a clear message. What is the most important word or phrase to draw the reader’s attention to? Balance the weight of your main message with smaller supporting copy, as not to draw a reader’s attention from the purpose of the message. Remember- blank space means balance so try to only convey necessary information when designing flyers, infographics and case studies.

Increase the effectiveness of your marketing materials with these 3 simple typography tips. When in doubt, stick with simplicity. Want more marketing tips? Follow Sawgrass Marketing or subscribe to our newsletter for more tips!